The Diamond Club 


 We specialise in good Value for Money Engagement Rings and other Diamond Jewellery



You may ask yourself "Why The Diamond Club???" 


Well at The Diamond Club you will find the perfect diamond, or diamonds, for the perfect diamond ring, or other diamond jewellery, and best of all you will find it at the right price and we   are committed to make this happen. 

We are International Diamond   Brokers who specialise in manufacturing of diamond engagement rings and the upgrade of diamonds to the satisfaction of our many happy clients. Just take a look at our Testimonies and the Poem by Jaqui.

And with us you won’t get caught out.  

For your (and our)   peace of   mind we only sell internationally certified diamonds (GIA, EGL,DCLA, HRD, IGI, AGS, PGS) and we do this at   wholesale prices direct to the you. 

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote on the special diamond or ring and see how much money you   save on quality diamonds form The Diamond Club.  

Thank you once again for considering The Diamond Club in creating an everlasting memory and remember we are only an email or phone call (+61 8 9301 5880) away from any questions you might have.